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    We're here to help make patching fun & easy.  Let us use our 25 years of experience to help make patching not just tolerable, but FUN for your child and you.   Child-friendly designs on soft, comfortable patches feel good against the skin and don't irritate like adhesive patches.   Children are willing to wear our colorful, comfy patches. Our bright unique patterns are a great way to encourage little ones to get involved in the patching process and take an active part in their own treatment!  Keep an assortment of patches in your child's drawer.  Getting to choose which design to wear each day increases compliance by 63%!  iwear patches are cost effective and eco-friendly. 
    While designed to treat amblyopia effectively, there is no reason why our patches shouldn't bring a smile to your face!  Our adorable patches can help turn the chore of patching into a pleasure.
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